Contact Remembering Radio

Your memories are essential to this project. Please notify us if you are willing to be interviewed. Depending upon availability you will be interviewed by Prof. MacLennan or a university student working on the project. If you are in the Toronto/Hamilton area we can come to visit. Outside the area and across Canada we may be able to interview you personally if we are in your area. Telephone interviews may also be arranged. Do not worry about long distance costs. Please send us your telephone number and we will call you to assume the costs.

Please send any inquiries or correspondence by mail to:

Prof. Anne MacLennan,
Department of Communication Studies,
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies,
3025 TEL Building,
York University,
4700 Keele Street,
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P3

Please leave voice mail messages at:
416-736-2100 extension 33857

Or make contact by e-mail at: