Invitation to Canadian graduate students

Dear Canadian graduate students:

Please accept this invitation to participate in the Remembering Radio research project. It is a Social Science and Humanities Research Project being conducted by Professor Anne MacLennan of York University to collect personal experiences of radio from the 1930s.
This national call for interviews is being sent out to create a national base of interviews in English or French. We would like to represent every region of Canada in the study, so that it will include all the provinces, territories, villages, towns, cities and rural localities. Please assist us in this goal if you can interview someone 78 years old and older who lived in Canada during the 1930s.

Students interested in participating should contact the members of the Remembering Radio research team through or one of the current members of the research team listed on this site to get started and then if you would like to do more than one interview please ask the team to listen to your first interview for approval. If the interview is consistent with the standards of the research, participants may do up to 16 interviews only with prior approval.

Please feel free to forward this call for participation to other graduate students; their area of study or specialization is not important as long as they conduct clear, quality interviews. Please note that this offer to participate is open to students across Canada, except York University students.

Anne F. MacLennan and the Remembering Radio team

Department of Communication Studies,
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies,
York-Ryerson Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture,
Faculty of Graduate Studies,
3025 Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building,
York University,
4700 Keele Street,
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P3
416-736-2100 ext. 33857

Less Known Programs

In the course of the research on the program schedule there are a lot of programs that remain a bit of a mystery. Sometimes it seems obvious what they might be, but identification from a variety of sources helps for researcher verification. If you remember some of the following programs please write to us at the contact address or e-mail to (or telephone in your information). Listener help is always appreciated. The list is at present being compiled and not ready yet.